"Over the past ten years I have strategically aligned and worked successfully with Josh Rae and JPI Executive Search on a number of important positions within the various companies that I have led as a CEO.

During that time, JPI Executive Search has placed more than 50 candidates at varying levels within my organizations. These key executive placements have helped to dramatically increase both profitability and market share.

Josh’s specialty is unique in the sense that he thrives on filling “difficult to fill” positions and in sourcing candidate profiles and skill sets that are difficult to find.

When I have a need to find the best human capital available, Josh has proven himself over the years as one of the people I trust to get the job done right and in a timely manner."

Tom Rooney | CEO & Board Member
Energy Recovery Inc. in San Francisco, California – Tom Rooney on LinkedIn
"I have worked with many recruiters over the course of my 12 year career, and became fed-up with them all together. Usually they have little to offer in terms of opportunities and don’t seem to know the client well enough to be of much value. Josh Rae of JPI Executive Search completely changed that perception. He was specifically contracted by the Corporate Controller, whom he had worked with before, to find a Regional Controller position. He found me through a referral from an former colleague of mine. When he contacted me, it was obvious he had already done his homework about the position and my background. During the interview process he prepared me on important qualities needed for the position and brainstormed with me to best demonstrate those with my past experience. After each interview we would debrief and talk about the next steps. During the entire process he reconfirmed his understanding of not only my career goals but also my desired work-life balance. Lastly, he tactfully negotiated the terms of my employment to satisfy me and my current employer. I give Josh my highest recommendation."
Andrew Wiggins, CPA, MBA | Sr. Controller
Fyfe Company LLC (AEGN) in Orange County, California – Andrew Wiggins on LinkedIn
“Josh Rae of JPI Executive Search is a hardworking, expert executive recruiter. You can depend on Josh to put in the hours necessary to zero in on the top candidates you are looking for. He is a great communicator, willing to ask the difficult questions and narrowing the playing field. I would highly recommend hiring Josh.”
Matt Wassam | Vice President
Sanexen Service Environnementaux in Denver, Colorado – Matt Wassam on LinkedIn
“Josh Rae is a true professional. He talked me through every step of the process, without ever “pushing” me into making any decisions. The best part is he continues to stay in touch even after he placed me. This is a man you can trust to keep his word and I highly recommend his services.”
Adam Foltz | Director of Interconnection and Transmission
sPower in San Francisco, California – Adam Foltz on LinkedIn
“Josh consistently delivers outstanding recruiting results. I have been working with Josh on hard to fill openings and have received great results with him. Josh is very detailed oriented and seems to turn over every rock imaginable to find the right candidate for me.”
Kevin Sonksen | Regional Human Resources Manager
Aegion Corporation, Energy & Mining Platform in Orange County, California – Kevin Sonksen on LinkedIn
“Josh Rae has been instrumental in my career. He has been able to make a drastic improvement in my career while the rest of the country was in a slump. Josh is the only recruiter I have met who takes real time to get to know his people and is able to represent them as no other.”
Gerard van der Laan | Senior Project Manager
Plaza Construction in Miami, Florida – Gerard van der Laan on LinkedIn
“Josh Rae of JPI Executive Search is an outstanding recruiter. While working with him in the past I have found him to be exceptional in understanding the position to be filled, communicating clearly the requirements of the position and the expectations of the client as well as interviewing the candidate thoroughly in an effort to find the right candidate for his client or the right position for his recruit. Quite simply, Josh is a pleasure to work with and I know that he is working hard right now for each of his clients and recruits.”
Russell Morris | Program Manager
Enhanced Drilling in Houston, Texas – Russell Morris on LinkedIn
“Josh Rae recruited me into my new position at ITS Technologies and Logistics. Josh is a first rate recruiter who was consistently honest and hardworking, and was diligent in determining if the fit between employer and employee was a good one. I strongly recommend Josh Rae as an excellent executive recruiter.”
Marc Bumgarner | Vice President Business Development
ITS Technologies & Logistics in Chicago, Illinois – Marc Bumgarner on LinkedIn
“Josh Rae is diligent in identifying suitable candidates. He is persuasive and a good negotiator. He is frank in setting expectations. He walks one through the process of recruitment, helps one to assess the possible outcomes and when needed steps back to allow one the time to consider. Josh’s desire to see that everyone is pleased with the recruitment outcome is reassuring.”
Farshad Ghasripoor, PhD | Director of Engineering
Energy Recovery Inc. in San Francisco, California – Farshad Ghasripoor on LinkedIn
“I have had the pleasure of working with Josh Rae as a candidate for recruitment. I found my experience favorable and with the help of Josh secured an offer for employment that I accepted. I found Josh to be informative about the client, able to improve my candidacy through coaching and mentoring applications, and a reliable individual. He is a man who does what he says he is going to do and someone you can trust with your career decision.”
Richard Barge | General Manager Water Products
Corix in San Francisco, California – Richard Barge on LinkedIn
“Josh Rae is an amazing recruiter and when put to the task, he definitely knows how to find the right talent. I have reached out and partnered with Josh on extremely difficult to fill searches and Josh has dug deep into the trenches to find me the best and most qualified candidates. Excited, dedicated and tenaciously driven, Josh is always focused on producing excellent results! I highly recommend Josh and his services to anyone that may require additional support with their staffing needs.”
Mary Peloquin | Recruiter-Consultant
Renewable Search Group in San Francisco, California – Mary Peloquin on LinkedIn
“Josh Rae of JPI Executive Search is a highly qualified, top notch professional recruiter. He recently provided me with great support during my current transition of employment. His thoroughness on details for qualifying my strengths, while understanding the true value, provided the right dynamic match for the job position I was seeking, enabling opportunity and positive outcome.”
Craig Stager | Senior Project Engineer
Enerparc Inc. in San Francisco, California – Craig Stager on LinkedIn
“I know Josh Rae through his executive recruiting business. His communication style is professional, timely and thorough. Josh is a strong listener able to provide meaningful and accurate guidance. Josh is also an effective writer and interviewer.”
David C. Spath | National Sales Director
Guardian Compliance in Houston, Texas – David Spath on LinkedIn
“We have used Josh Rae on several occasions and have been pleased with his quality recruiting service. He provides top notch talent for our consideration and keeps the client and candidates informed throughout the search and employment process.”
Bruce Frost | Vice President, West Region
Instituform Technologies, LLC in Chesterfield, Missouri – Bruce Frost on LinkedIn
“Josh Rae of JPI Executive Search was one of the best recruiters I have worked with. He was extremely professional and very knowledgeable about his client and the opportunity. Josh was able to adequately describe the opportunity, the people and the environment ensuring that both parties were a great fit before wasting anyone’s time. I would highly recommend Josh in any talent acquisition endeavor, regardless of which side of the table you sit on.”
Joseph Brunetti | CFO
ITS Technologies & Logistics, LLC in Chicago, Illinois – Joseph Brunetti on LinkedIn
“I had the opportunity to work with Josh Rae in the past, he demonstrated excellent understanding of the market and the needs of his clients. I really appreciate the support and commitment that we received during that process. He is very focused on the details without losing the big picture. I highly recommend Josh to find the right talent to your organization or to help you to position within a well-established organization; in both cases he will make sure the solution will fits your expectations.”
Rene Varon | President
Tory Technologies, Inc. in Houston, Texas – Rene Varon on LinkedIn
“I have worked with Josh Rae of JPI Executive Search on numerous search assignments during the last 7+ years. He is a diligent worker, knowledgeable, results driven and reliable. His recruiting experience and networking capabilities has enabled us to hire several top quality candidates over the years. I would highly recommend Josh and his abilities on any difficult search assignment.”
Dave Anderson | Director, Talent Acquisition
Trinity Services Group in Tampa, Florida – Dave Anderson on LinkedIn
“Josh Rae is an extremely effective, creative, and responsive Executive-Level Recruiter. I worked with him during the months of April and May of 2011 and he was very thorough in our conversations regarding his client’s needs. I was hired at Silverado Power at the end of May of 2011 and it has proven to be an excellent fit. I am very happy as a result of working with Josh and would highly recommend him for future work.”
Adam Bowers, B.S.E.E. | Senior Engineer
sPower in San Francisco, California – Adam Bowers on LinkedIn
“I had the pleasure of working together with Josh Rae of JPI Executive Search for a position with a top ENR contractor. From the first contact Josh had with me to the successful outcome for the position Josh was a consummate professional and established a fair and equitable solution for all involved with the process. Josh Rae is honest and trustworthy and I am glad to say he is a friend.”
John J. Ambrosia | Independent Training Consultant
Leedy Biggs Workforce Development in Woodstock, Georgia – John Ambrosia on LinkedIn
“Josh Rae of JPI Executive Search is a very disciplined and thorough talent hunter, who is really committed to help candidates succeed in any selection process. He strives to present his customers with the best candidates for any executive position.”
Neil Eduardo Vasquez | Commercial Manager, Latin America
Argus Media in Cypress, Texas – Neil Vasquez on LinkedIn
“Josh Rae is a consummate professional whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with on more than one occasion. He is extremely thorough in his due diligence and strives to make the correct match of candidate to client and I can honestly say that he has exceeded expectations every time.”
Ray Marceau, LEED AP | Consultant
IPD Construction in Duluth, Georgia – Ray Marceau on LinkedIn
“I met Josh Rae through a former CEO who recommended him. Josh is an excellent executive search consultant. He helped me find several senior professionals, all high caliber talent. What I like the most about Josh is his ability to understand our business and his expertise in finding us the best talent to fit our needs. I would definitely hire and recommend Josh.”
Priscilla Muniz | Principal
HR Consulting in San Francisco, California – Priscilla Muniz on LinkedIn

“I’ve worked with Josh Rae on both fronts as he has assisted me in finding top talent in the marketplace while he also recruited me and placed me in a position with a wonderful company.

If you are looking for an Executive Recruiter that can almost guarantee results, Josh is your answer. Josh has placed numerous top talent individuals from C-level to entry level professional positions at various companies that I do business with. Each placement has highly succeeded and have had a positive impact on their business.

Working with Josh is a pleasure as he is always punctual, has high energy, injects creative thinking during the process and ultimately provides results. I would recommend Josh to any company seeking top shelf talent!”

Anthony Aderhold, PE | VP Business Development/Owner
Black Bear Resources in Minneapolis, Minnesota – Anthony Aderhold on LinkedIn
“Josh Rae was an extremely valuable partner in our recruiting process and team building at SPG Solar. In my role as VP of Sales, Josh understood my needs and that of the company and found and delivered top talent professionally and tactfully. He made our goals his own and was very knowledgeable about our markets, our company, and our competitors. I look forward to working with Josh again.”
Ted Walsh | President
Stellar Energy GP, Inc. in San Francisco, California – Ted Walsh on LinkedIn
“My experience with Josh Rae resulted in key executive connections in renewables. Josh is a “super connector” if you are looking to connect with executives in all major industries, Josh is your goto guy. His is a creative guy with a keen ability to match execs background and expertise to the ideal position. If you want passion, attention to detail and results, reach out to him.”
Anthony Conklin | Vice President Business Development & Project Acquisition
Entropy Solar Integrators, LLC in New York City, New York – Anthony Conklin on LinkedIn
“I retained Josh to fill two very difficult positions with high technical knowledge requirements for my company, Silverado Power. Josh Rae did a great job in finding strong candidates for our search; we ended up filling both positions with candidates he found, and both people have excelled in their new roles. Josh did an excellent job of communicating during the process and checking in post-process to make sure everything worked out. I would be glad to use Josh again in the future.”
Hans Isern | Senior VP
sPower in San Francisco, California – Hans Isern on LinkedIn
“Josh Rae is the best guy in the business. He is genuinely dedicated to finding the perfect fit for any position. Josh takes the time to understand his client’s needs and to really work with candidates as necessary to arrange satisfying and long lasting relationships. I can highly recommend Josh for any professional representation or recruiting assignment.”
Bob Hayner | Development Manager - Southwest Region
SunEdison in Denver, Colorado – Bob Hayner on LinkedIn
“Josh Rae was my “go to” person when considering new talent while I was the COO of SPG Solar. Josh has the unique ability to ask an array of questions that cuts through the time consuming process of trying to determine what the actual attributes are of the person that you are looking for as the best fit to your company. I have dealt with numerous executive recruiters in the past, but never with one as professional, personable and results driven as Josh Rae. I would highly recommend Josh to any firm looking to acquire new talent using external resources.”
Michael Mittleman | Vice President
Insight Management in San Francisco, California – Michael Mittleman on LinkedIn
“Josh Rae helped us triple the size of our team. Working with Josh I was able to create the profile for a new role we created and he was expert at filling that role. From the prospect side, every time I asked the candidates what they thought of Josh, they spoke highly of him, citing they appreciated his candor and drive. Strong recommendation.”
Ken Wolf | Executive Vice President
RedZone Robotics in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Ken Wolf on LinkedIn
“What I like most about Josh Rae is his attention to detail and the fact that he keeps the ball rolling. His punctual nature is also refreshing.”
Joe Broom | Vice President, Project Management, EPC
First Solar in Tempe, Arizona – Joe Broom on LinkedIn

“I’ve worked with Josh Rae for twelve years in three different roles: colleagues in the beginning, then CEO of my own recruitment firm utilizing Josh Rae’s consultative skills from across the U.S. and, as a business partner.

I’ve never met such a consummate professional in every aspect in the field of recruiting and human capital management. Josh Rae is a tireless worker who continually helps clients & candidates achieve their respective objectives and career goals.

Josh Rae is THE most thorough in asking questions to ensure he knows EXACTLY whom the client is seeking and whom the candidate would be most perfectly matched with, amongst their prospective new employer.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him to any organization looking to secure the finest executives in the most expedient manner. I also recommend him to any executive who is seeking the finest representation in order to elevate their career to the next level and beyond.

I don’t say this as a colleague, but as an “observer” who has witnessed Josh Rae’s work ethic and recruitment skills time and time again over many years.”

Wayne V. Dennis | CEO / Founder
ESC Associated Firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Wayne Dennis on LinkedIn