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Job Search / Career Search Summary
One of the top publicly traded Energy Recovery Companies in the World is looking for an Oil and Gas Senior Sales Engineer / Business Development Executive in the United States, preferably in the metro Houston, Dallas or Fort Worth Texas and surrounding area. Due to the home-based nature of this position, anywhere in the United States located near a major International Airport.

Position Name
Senior Sales Engineer / Business Development Executive

Client Company Name
Confidential until Interview is scheduled

About This Company
Who is this company?
One of the top publicly traded energy recovery companies in the world.

Type of Industry this company is in?
Energy Recovery / Oil and Gas / Water and Chemical

Age of company and how large?
– $50 Million+ organization
– 21+ years in business

Competitive advantages, value proposition and differentiators of this company?
– One of the top publicly traded energy recovery companies.
– Striving to become the top energy recovery company in the world that taps high pressure fluid flows.
– Owns 80+% market share within water and desalination marketplace.
– Over 14,000 energy recovery devices installed worldwide on every continent.
– This company’s clean technologies continue to save clients over $1.2 B in energy costs per year.
– Due to their growth rate, they will be a half billion dollar company in the next 5-7 years, with primary focus with oil & gas, water and chemical industries.

Growth of company?
Going through incendiary growth. Will double in volume in the next twelve months.

Compensation Package
Base salary?
$150,000 to $175,000 ($150k – $175k)

Bonus potential and / or Equity?
Bonus potential – uncapped commission plan
Equity to start – yes, discretionary
Due to commission plan, W2’s realistically will range between $400,000 to – $700,000+

Specifics of this Position
Key responsibilities and objectives for ideal candidate?
– This is a newly created position w/in the organization.
– Much of the initial focus during the first 12-18 months will revolve around the gas processing / sour gas processing market and then eventually evolve into pressure flow, oil streams and offshore markets secondarily.
– These are groundbreaking new products that have been proven w/in the water desalination market space and thoroughly / rigorously tested for application into the Oil & Gas sector.
– This person will have the ability to be a catalyst in creating a new niche of products and a radically new concept of energy recovery to the Oil & Gas sector.
– Company is looking to duplicate its current market dominance w/in water desalination and translate that into Oil & Gas sector success with similar products which have been tweaked and geared towards Oil & Gas clients all across the globe.

Key criteria and prerequisites this individual must possess?
– Ideally, someone with a true International breadth and flavor to add to their sales career which would involve market penetration w/in Middle East, Far East, USA, China, Latin America, Canada and Africa, as examples.

Educational criteria and prerequisites?
– Degree preferred.

Other possible Industries ideal candidate could come from?
Oil & Gas
Upstream, Midstream or Downstream
Natural Gas or Sour Gas Processing specialty preferred

Other possible job titles ideal candidate might have now?
Technical Sales Engineer
Sales Engineer
Business Development Executive
Business Developer or Biz Dev
Sales Rep
Sales Specialist
Business Development Specialist
Business Development Manager

Upward growth opportunity for ideal candidate?
– The sky is the limit regarding income and upward mobility, as this is a newly created position w/in this organization.
– This person will essentially have an untapped and unlimited opportunity to lead, develop and spearhead all sales within Oil & Gas market sector initiative.
– As this person drives both revenue and market share globally for the Oil & Gas group, this position will evolve rather quickly in a number of different ways (ie: Head of Global Oil & Gas Sales Group) in which we can talk more about as we continue the process.
– Depending upon success of this individual w/in numerous geographic market sectors both Domestic and International, self promotion is evident.
– The end game goal is the build a team of sales engineers underneath this individual as the organization continues to develop across its lifecycle, although most of the focus w/in the first couple of years will be pure sales and big game hunting.
– This is a new frontier and a radically new and proven technology which will allow this individual to exceed W2’s in the range of realistically $400-700K+ (no cap on commissions along w/ potential dynamic equity package) by the end of year two and into years three, four and beyond, depending upon ramp-up and overall sales ability / acumen and connections that can be leveraged w/in the industry.

Location of this position?
– Due to the home-based nature of this position, anywhere in the United States located near a major International Airport.
– Preferably in the metro Houston, Dallas or Fort Worth Texas and surrounding area.
– However, other major cities where an International Airport exists, such as:
Atlanta, Georgia
Washington D.C.
Miami, Florida
New York, New York
Houston, Texas
Newark, New Jersey
San Francisco, California
Dallas, Texas
Ft. Worth, Texas
Los Angeles, California
Chicago, Illinois

Interview / Hiring Process
– 1st interview with VP
– 2nd interview with rest of leadership team and CEO

Next Steps to Discuss this Position Confidentially
If you do not have a “current” resume, not to worry. Our priority is finding the ideal person.

If this is you, or possibly someone you might know and respect, and may be a good fit for this key position, please contact us today confidentially.

Even if you are currently working at another company, and want to learn more about this position, all inquiries will be treated with the strictest in confidentiality.

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Senior Sales Engineer Business Development Executive Position

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